Turmeric Express Indian Grocery and Restaurant

Let’s talk about hidden gems. Places that you wouldn’t normally venture into because they are truly hidden.
Enter Turmeric Express- an Indian grocery store and eatery located on the corner of McQueen and Ocotillo in Chandler. The small grocery store has everything you need to make an authentic Indian meal, or if you don’t feel like cooking, just order food from the little eatery. The menu ranges from Indian snacks like a samosas to more complicated dishes like biryani. 

We ordered the Goat Biryani- the dish was well seasoned and had a hint of spice that I always welcome when eating Indian food. The samosas were also a hit. Crunchy on the outside and stuffed with potatoes that were light and fluffy on the inside. My favorite part is that the food is not greasy, as some Indian restaurants tend to make, Turmeric Express is sure to become one of our family go-to restaurants. 

Pro Tip: 

Call ahead to place your order and pick up. Eatery is take and go. There is limited to no seating available. 

Located behind the Walgreens on Ocotillo and McQueen. 

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