Hot Pot at Kood Tea Bar and Cafe- Tempe

Local gems are hard to find. 💎 They are usually off the beaten path, and they march to the beat of their own drum. Kood Tea Bar & Café is just that place. The food is crafted with purpose. Every ingredient in the Hot Pot adds layers of flavors creating a complex and flavorful dish. The brain child of the food is a ASU student that loves to cook. She started out cooking meals for her friends. Her friends loved the food so much and she eventually became the chef of Kood Tea Bar and Cafe. 

On Tuesday, I had the honor to experience the the food of Chongqing, China as curated by the team at Kood Tea Bar.

We started our taste of Chongqing with a Cucumber Salad- The salad was refreshing and loaded with flavor. It was definitely a great way to set the tone for what was to come the rest of the evening. 

If the first course didn’t awaken my taste buds, the second course brought all the flavor and heat with the Spicy Wontons. The broth was amazing and the wontons themselves were beautifully crafted and plump with pork filling. I kept wanting to come back for more of this beautiful and flavorful dish, but the evening was just stating and if this was any indication what was to come… I was in for treat. 

The third course, were Chongqing Noodles- a refreshing dish that cooled the palate after a fiery wonton dish. I loved the boiled peanuts in the dish. They not only added crunch to the noodles, but also added a layer of mild sweetness (that can be expected from a peanut) to the dish. 


Chongqing Noodles

Next on our adventure was the BOBO JI – It reminded me of Hot Pot on a stick. Swimming in the rich red spicy broth were meats on a stick. Chicken Wings, Beef, Pork, you name it it was simmering in the delicious broth. It was a fun and interactive dish that I would have again. 


If that wasn’t enough, we were also served Kood’s signature dish- The Spicy Hot Pot. A customizable broth that comes in varying degrees of spice. I chose spicy, and I love that the staff was unapologetic about the spiciness of the dish. Food it not dumbed down here, and that is one of the reasons why I appreciated everything that the team at Kood Tea Bar  & Cafe did, and do everyday for their customers. 

Again… thank you to the team at Kood Tea Bar and Cafe for having me and sharing your food with me. I was taken on a culinary journey into Chongquin and I can’t wait to go back and try more.  

Spicy Hot Pot

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