Dim Sum Cafe

Ever since our trip to San Francisco last December, I’ve been craving some good Dim Sum. The kind get when you walk into China Town and you can pick out a variety of food and they put it in a bright pink donut box for you to enjoy. 

Well, the dim sum cravings were finally out of control.  No, I am not preggers.  That ship has sailed. HA! Anywho… we found a small restaurant in Mesa called Dim Sum Cafe. 

The restaurant is small, but don’t let that fool you. The little place packs a big punch with flavor. Today we tried a few items, because you know.. with dim sum its about small plates and lots of them. 

Chicken Dumplings- I usually stick to pork dumplings, but these dumplings were just as good as the pork ones. The filling was well seasoned and I couldn’t really tell that they were chicken. 

BBQ Pork steam buns- I love a good steamed pork bun, and these definitely made the cut. A bit doughy but nonetheless, delicious. 

Pork Shu Mai- Any experienced Dim Sum eater knows that Pork Shu Mai is a required item at any dim sum experience. 

Spicy Eggplant- Not a traditional dim sum item, but still delicious. The dish really rounded out our dim sum meal. 

In short, our trip to Dim Sum Cafe in Mesa really helped curve my craving. 

However, I’m still in search for a pineapple bun, so if you know where I can find one in the PHX metro area… Help a girl out by leaving a comment below. 



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